We are a UK-based supplier of air receivers working with a European manufacturer to supply standard and bespoke receivers.
An air receiver, also referred to as an air tank or compressed air storage tank, is a product that stores compressed air. Air receivers are typically made out of carbon steel but are also available galvanised or in stainless steel and come in sizes ranging from 24 to 3000 litres. Smaller and larger sizes are available upon request. They help regulate the pressure and supply of compressed air from one place to another. 
Air receivers are a key piece of equipment in many industries including food and beverage manufacturers who utilise air receivers to ensure that their products remain safe by providing consistent clean compressed air during production cycles. Additionally, industries like textile manufacturing and printing rely on air receivers to store large volumes of compressed air to ensure efficient machine functions throughout their facilities. Receivers offer a number of benefits, such as increased safety and improved system efficiency resulting in lower costs. 
Air receivers come in two forms, horizontal and vertical. Horizontal receivers are often used in large spaces whereas vertical receivers have a smaller footprint which makes them ideal for applications where space is limited.
All our receivers are painted RAL5015 blue as standard and our manufacturer works to ATEX 2014/34/UE and to UNI EN ISO 9000. Other RAL colours are available as specials upon request.
Some of the special services we offer are listed below.
Laser cutting and bending, with a department dedicated entirely to the production of special components. 
Internal antibacterial painting. This is a process where a coating of silver ions are applied to the inside of the tank to prevent the growth of mould and fungi. The material used for this type of treatment is approved by the FDA (USA Food & Drugs Administration), by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), and registered under the BPD (Biocidal Products Directive – Europe) making it particularly suitable for the medical sector.
Internally and externally galvanised air receivers. The tanks are immersed in a molten zinc bath allowing the zinc to bind to the steel which protects the tank against corrosion and increases its resistance to chemicals. The galvanising process is UNI EN ISO 1461 certified.
Speak to one of our expert sales team on 01634 297298 or send us details of your application/requirement at sales@fluid-air.co.uk.