Norgren is part of IMI plc and has a proud history and proven track record of creating innovative engineering solutions in the fields of precise motion control and fluid technology. 
Norgren’s success is based on working with customers and distributors across more than 50 countries in critical industries such as Factory Automation, Material Handling, Commercial Vehicles, Rail, Life Science, Energy and Process Control. 

Norgrens purpose is to support, encourage and innovate so together we deliver smart, reliable, high-performing and result-driven solutions that drive value and deepen customer relationships, and keep our world and most importantly, our customers’ worlds, moving. This is achieved through breakthrough engineering. 

Fluid-Air Components Ltd are able to offer the complete range of Norgren products including Air Preparation, Electric Actuators, Fittings, Tubing and Accessories, Pneumatic Cylinders and Actuators, Pressure Switches and Sensors, Vacuum Products, Solenoid Valves

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